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We offer outstanding developmentally 

appropriate programs, with emphasis 

on the process, not the product.

Our primary goal is to foster a positive 

self-image, allowing children to feel secure 

in facing everyday challenges and new situations.


In this room, we are helping children learn and grow by providing a warm, stimulating and secure environment.  All children learn at their own individual pace.  Each staff members caring interaction encourages each child to learn and develop in their own way.


Our rooms and equipment are designed to aid in their physical and mental development.  In their early months of life, sensory stimulation is provided with objects and toys that will enable them to learn about textures, shapes and sizes.  As they get older, we use tools that will foster learning, such as books, music and finger play.


Above all else, the most important thing to us is responding to the child's signals.  Meeting an infants needs, whether it be feeding comforting or guidance in play, establishes a sense of trust between child and teacher.


In this room our main objective is to continue to allow the children to learn through their play.  Toddlers can be very busy exploring their world while still in the process of gaining, and mastering their gross and fine motor skills.  With this in mind our room is designed to ensure their safety as well as stimulate their minds. 


While free play in encouraged in our room, we will introduce the toddlers to teacher directed activities such as circle time.  During this time the children will be engaged in finger plays, music and movement and story time.  During teacher directed activities, the children are encouraged to join; however they are free to choose individual activites.  A new theme is presented each month.  A newsletter is sent home with your child to inform you of our upcoming activites.


Although the children are learning how to be with each other, individual care is still important to us.  Diaper changes and individual care are done as needed.  Snacks are available as requested by each child as well as offered in a social setting.


Our focus in Toddler / Preschool is to foster the development of the whole child, through planned curriculum in an environment that encourages spontaneous learning.  Throughout our calendar year we incorporate activities based on monthly themes.  These activities are divided into the major areas of development (gross and fine motor, social & emotional, language, arts & crafts, math, science and nutrition).


The classroom is set up into centers that promote learning through play.  We have a block area, art center, book nook, manipulative and sensory tables and dress up area.  Throughout the year we rotate some materials and toys in each center to incorporate new learning experiences.  A major part of our curriculum is encouraging all of the children in our class to build positive relationships with each other.  We work with your child to help them move from parallel play to cooperative play in social situations.


We are separated into two groups for the purposes of appropriate curriculum geared to developmental needs (loosely based on age).  We have a larger group with two teachers and a smaller one with one teacher.  The smaller groups help with one on one learning opportunities and allow us to plan appropriately to meet your child's needs.


Here in Preschool our main objective is to continue to encourage your child's learning and developmental growth  through educational activities geared towards their growing minds.


Our classroom is divided into two groups; preschool two and pre-kindergarten.  We are fortunate to have two connecting rooms available to our group making this division easily accomplished.


In our curriculum we provide a balance of activities, which include fine and gross motor, cognitive skills, communication skills and personal/social skills in a weekly theme setting.  These activities are geared towards the children's interests and age giving them the chance to explore, problem solve and be challenged to each of their abilities.


Through our program we hope to help your child build self-esteem, independence and responsibility.


We are very excited to introduce our new Grad School program which began in 2018. With many of the local towns in our area losing their extended day funding, private Kindergarten has become a very popular alternative to families interested in the academic advantages, as well as convenience a full day program can provide. 


The curriculum will include a phonics based reading program, Everyday Math, Handwriting without tears, as well as a hands on approach to science.


Our full day program runs from 9:00AM to 3:00PM with extended hours available for those who need a longer day. 


Our programs are designed to let children grow and learn at their own pace, and enhance all areas of children's development.  Our primary goal is to foster a positive self-image, allowing children to feel secure in facing everyday challenges and new situations. 


Children who feel good about themselves and are confident in their abilities are more likely to try something new and, if they succeed, are more likely to try again. 


We are helping to lay the foundation for a child's lifetime of learning and socialization.  Part of this is achieved throughout our curriculum, but a larger part of it is supported by the caring and dedication of our teachers. 


We have and open door policy, so please come in to observe us "in action" anytime.  After seeing our center yourself, you will then understand why our enrollment space is so limited



Our Environment is warm, friendly, safe, educational and fun. 

Younger University is privately owned and was established in 1991.

Conveniently located in Norwell we service families from many surrounding towns.

Younger University is a fully accredited center with the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 



The total years of teaching experience of our 20 staff members is 168 years!  And for over 20 years, half of us have been working together.  This longevity has fostered a real family team spirit amongst the teachers, with quality programs that have come from education and experience.  In addition to the early childhood education and training our staff has had, more than half of us are parents ourselves, adding a dimension of empathy to their already confident and caring teaching techniques. A big part of our philosophy is family first and this is demonstrated every day at Younger University .






Tel:  781-871-4994

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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